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The material contained on this website is shared as a public service and to further the scientific goals of the Gulf Elasmo Project. All text and images are the exclusive property of the Gulf Elasmo Project. Information on this website may be used for private study, but may not otherwise be published, duplicated, or modified in any way without the prior written permission of Rima W. Jabado.




The Gulf Elasmo Project is an initiative aimed at gaining a better understanding of elasmobranch species, abundance and distribution in the Arabian region. The project was started as part of a PhD study lead by Rima W. Jabado in the United Arab Emirates. Results from her research indicate that ...

Elasmobranchs represent a group of over 1200 species of sharks and batoids (rays, guitarfishes, sawfishes and skates). Around the world, these species are facing increasing pressure from fisheries and many populations are showing drastic declines in their numbers. Many species are considered threatened...

The Gulf, in the context of this project, refers to a broad area in the Northern Indian Ocean. This region, which encompasses the Arabian/Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea, is blessed with an abundance and incredible diversity of marine life. And yet, the Gulf area remains largely understudied with an urgent need for ...